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I’m starting a new adventure. I’ve left the west side of Washington for a change of pace and a change in scenery. I’m beginning to document and share in the adventures I have while in Central Washington. I’m a chef who wants to help be a part of a change, a change for the better. I search out ranchers and farmers with great stories and great practices, foragers that know how to find product unique to the area. Track the journey as I begin my roll as Executive Chef at the Restaurant Basalt at Hotel Windrow


Greenbow farm

Greenbow farm

Greenbow farm

I’m meeting some farmers of the area, here is the farm store of Greenbow farm.

Its amazing to get the chance to meet and work with the farmers that grow and raise the food we eat. It’s important to support your community whenever possible, i make it a goal to bring you quality food.

 Ill be visiting as many farms and ranches as i can this year, stay tuned.

Windy N Ranch

Windy N Ranch is a special place with an amazing view of the valleys and wind mills. Yes, it is windy.

I was told by several people i needed to get in touch with the people at Windy N Ranch who follow strict organic farming practices raising Beef, Lamb, Pigs, Chickens, and Turkeys.


always on the look out for something special. Everywhere i go i find these wild violets, and i wanted to do something with the flowers. So I made jelly.

Spring is the perfect time to start collecting local and area spring flowers. ill be collecting some of my favorites this spring; violet, elder flower, dandelion, magnolia, forsythia, maple blossoms, and hip rose to start with.


windy n sign.jpg

Visiting the woods

Visiting the woods

 Getting to know the area-

Spring has sprung, and i’m looking to get out into the woods for some serious foraging and mushroom hunting. I can’t wait to share what i find with you.

Central Washington has some great areas to look for morel mushrooms. One of my favorite mushrooms because of its amazing texture and sweet earthy taste. Its also a mushroom that goes well with other spring ingredients like peas, fresh fava beans, ramps, and spring halibut.