Custom diner fees for-

1-2 people  $250

3-4 people  $350

5-6 people  $550

7-10 people $950

Call Chef Larkin for a free menu consultation for parties over 10 people


 Porcini mushroom cooking in butter.  

 Porcini mushroom cooking in butter. 


Consultation, Custom Menu, Shopping/ Delivery, Preparation of food, Cleaning of the kitchen, Freshly prepared healthy food, A Live Chef cooking for Your Guests! Larkin can cook with many dietary restrictions in mind.

Additional personal require additional fee to be determined in consultation. 

Additional charges for plated events to be determined inconsultation  

Impress your family and friends when you invite them over for a one of a kind dining experience. Take comfort knowing your food is thoughtfully chosen and prepared for you and your guests in front of you. Other catering company's food is shipped from one spot to another then reheated, this is a whole different cooking experience.

10 or more people require a helper or additional chef depending on the menu

20 or more people or a plated service will require a clean up person/ dishwasher.

A seasonal garden salad

A seasonal garden salad

Making elderberry capers.

Making elderberry capers.


Fees increase during the holiday season.

Deposit due upon booking to secure date.

All deposits are non-refundable if canceled, due to the fact someone else could have booked the same date.